The Wizard Behind the Curtain.
Best kept secret in SEO, until now.

Brett’s Intro

Brett is an SEO expert with almost two decades of hands-on experience. He has managed over thousands of SEO campaigns and has ranked hundreds of thousands of keywords within Google’s top ten search results.

Brett’s Bio

Brett is a veteran SEO expert and 7 figure SEO agency owner, with 19 years of experience providing results for some of the biggest name brands, like Marriott, Four Seasons, Hallmark, Nationwide, Progressive, National City Bank, John Deere, and more. Brett has also worked with small businesses to large corporations to make their marketing, and bottom-line, more successful.

He has developed SEO strategies and successfully executed them for nearly every industry.

Topics & Talking Points

Tech of SEO

Stories behind SEO & how it works

Success Stories

Lessons learned from failures as much as successes

Past glass ceilings for success

Small and medium sized businesses

Millions of dollars wasted, sharing tips on how to avoid doing the same.

Tips, Tools, and Tactics for your listeners to get more now

Strategies month ahead of other SEO's

Brett is the SEO innovator that other SEO experts are following, he’s usually 2 years ahead of others.

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